With an annual production volume of more than 400,000 metric tons (MT) in 2012 Côte d’Ivoire is by far the largest African cashew producer and the second largest worldwide after India. About 250,000 farmers in the Savannah region produce cashew nuts. By 2011, far more than 90 % of the total production was exported as raw cashew nuts. The political crises between 2002 and 2011 along with uncertainties concerning economic development and investment activities have hindered the establishment and expansion of the processing industry. 

What did the African Cashew initiative (ACi)
achieve in its first phase? An excerpt

ACi implemented 150,000 training sessions for more than 75,000 farmers in Good Agricultural Practices, such as harvest and post-harvest handlings, and the cultivation and maintenance of cashew trees. Furthermore the initiative trained 350 trainers. Regarding improved planting material ACi established three mother plantations with a total size of six hectare. ACi consulted OLAM in establishing a processing unit with a capacity of 30,000 MT.

What ACi is focussing on in its second phase?

Since 2013, ACi has been supporting eight investors who plan to build up processing plants with a capacity of up to 5,000 MT each. OLAM who is continuously consulted by ACi, plans to further expand its processing capacity by constructing two additional plants with 30,000 MT each. It also aims to implement training sessions for further 40,000 farmers. In regards to linking farmers to processors by contractual agreements, ACi is focussing on linkages to benefit 30,000 cashew producers.

The activities will result in direct supply of up to 20,000 MT of raw cashew nuts to processors. An additional effort will be put on farmer associations. They will be organized in such a way that producers are effectively represented at local, regional and national levels. ACi will furthermore work in consulting the government so that export revenues are invested into performance-related and demand-driven services offered to cashew producers and processors.




Mary Adzanyo

Agbo, Bernard Philibert




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